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What is Mobilis in Mobili?

There is no perfect translation from Latin, but roughly it means "Change within change." Architecture is change: it is the deliberate improvement of the built environment. Mobilis in Mobili is dedicated to helping architecture change.

This profession is falling apart. And we are bored to tears with what the others are trying to save. We don't think what they are trying to preserve is worth much. We're tired with what the old guys are making. The old stuff is safe; it has been done over and over.

In order to save it, every generation must search for is what architecture has never done. If you have a different product, people will buy it. Unless you're doing something else, it has to die. That is true of newspapers, painting, telephones, movies, and it must be true of architecture.

We have it so easy. Everything comes in a box. You've got these computers that can do this stuff for nothing and we wonder why everyone is still trying to do the same design?! No architect today has to juggle CAD libraries, or manage plot styles, or detail call-outs. Why aren't we designing whole families of buildings? Or whole systems of manufacture?

Here, we have great ideas and we draw!

At Mobilis in Mobili, the "boss" is beauty. This generation of architects enjoy myriad new tools with which to interrogate what makes architecture beautiful. Mobilis in Mobili approaches each project with a goal to understand something new about architecture, and something new about beauty, by applying or creating new tools with which to build. That's the next link...